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Fitness Philosophy

Our training focus is on functional and integrated training. This simply means working our bodies the way we use them. Our programs work large and small muscle groups alike, moving multiple joints through full ranges of motion, and constantly emphasizing stability and body control. Functional training approaches training from a holistic and logical approach.

Fitness Philosophy

Unlike regular gym machines which only serve to isolate the larger muscles, functional training uses all of the muscles responsible for balance and stabilization in any given movement.

Simply put, functional training is training your body the way that it functions in every day activities.

During our day-to-day life our muscles are forced to work together synergistically to produce movement. Simple tasks such as hoisting a backpack over your shoulders, lifting a box onto a shelf and walking up and down stairs involve multiple muscles working together to produce, stabilize and reduce force.

When you increase your functional strength, as opposed to linear or brute strength (gym machines), you experience improved coordination, balance, stability and flexibility. Functional training strengthens your inner core and also enhances your kinesthetic awareness and body control. You move about with greater ease and less effort.

The physical benefits of functional training are many. In general, functional training revs up your metabolism and builds muscle – this in turn creates a furnace which continually burns fat, even at rest. The combination of high metabolism and more muscle, enhances your appearance resulting in a more toned, fit, and well-conditioned physique.…

Laura Smith

September 18, 2018